Poems written by Children about Nature


What a lovely coincidence that Earth Month, Easter and National Poetry month both fall in April.  As we find ourselves spending more time indoors (mastering the art of physical distancing), we’re also longing for nature. A chance to self reflect, to take a wander in the woods, meditate on the grass, spend more time playing with the kids or resting in the sun with a good book. With that in mind, here are some beautiful children's poems we have gathered for you to enjoy and share with your little ones. If there are poems that you have written about nature or that you love, please share them with us  - it’s a beautiful way to spread love and peace right now. 





 By Lisa, age 12




Outside the sun is shining bright,
Leaves are drifting slowly from the trees
And crickets sing all night.
Birds are flying high above
And the air is full of nature's love.
Raindrops fall, the wind it blows,
Hail and sleet and snow it flows.
Roaring thunder and lightning flash,
Trimmed trees and fresh cut grass.
Flowers bloom, smelling of sweet,
As bees roam for honey to eat.
Oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes,
Rabbits, fish, deer, and snakes.
All of these things stay on my mind
About nature, it's one of a kind!
by Mariah F.
Age 14


A Sunny Day

The sun was shining so bright,
having beaten the clouds in fight.

We wanted to go out for fun.
I wish the clouds could beat the sun.

Evening came and the sun went down.
We all went for a walk in the town.

Water was flowing down the stream,
While I was licking my ice cream.

The stars shone brightly in the sky;
they finally showed all their might up high.
age 9 


Day and Night

In the day you'll wave goodbye run around and fly a kite.
But when the day comes to an end sleep is what you must attend.
Climb in your bed and fluff your pillow take one last look out the window.
Ask yourself one more question...

Why does the sun go up and down shine and darken every town?
Let's not worry about that right now but I know you'll find out.
Night to dawn to light to dusk yep that's right nothing wrong.

by Dante, age 10



The day is down, and as the sun sets in the west, 
So does the night sky emerge from the east.
I look west, a merge of red, orange and yellow,
As the last rays of sun light stream over the hills;
I see the first twinkly, twilight stars,
And a first glimpse of a silvery moon.
As darkness spills in, the dusk sky gradually turns into night. 
And I fall gently to sleep and peacefully dream till morning. 
By Grace, Age 10 




The Moon

The dark river
Reflecting the moon
As it rises
Beyond the sprinkled stars
And the clouds float away
to a faraway country
With the sun 
by Meabh
Age, 6




It starts as a seed planted in the yard,
But soon is a sapling with one tiny leaf.
As the tree grows, lots more leaves appear.
It gets higher and higher and touches the sky!
Then, one day I wake to a world of leaves twisting and twirling up high.
It's fall! It's fall!
I pull on my coat and jump into my boots.
I'm ready to go out and play.
I run out the door and am instantly covered with leaves.
This is the best day ever!
by Rowan.
Age, 8


i am the clouds

i am the clouds
so fluffy and white
i know you can't see me
but i'm there in the night.
i am up in the sky and i just know why
i am in the sky to watch the birds go by
i am the clouds, i can only fly so high
because i'll turn into rain
and fall from the sky.
i am the clouds
so fluffy and white
i know you can't see me
but i'm there in the night.
© By Marcos
Age, 10



What is paradise, what can it be?
is it the same to you as it is to me?

is it a place where one forgets their problems for a while
somewhere people just stop and smile?

or is it something deeper? A place that doesn't end, 
where you have the rest of your life to spend?

Is it a place where you are happy with who you are
where all is good and bad is a far

A place where calmness runs from your head to your toe
where relaxation and comfort are all that you know

What is paradise, What can it be?
Is it the same to you as it is to me?

By April
Age 15


Buzzy Bee

Author and Age unknown
but we at Honey and Cocoa LOVE this one! 

Bee Creative and Share yours with us...