Arrowtown Beehive Scavenger Hunt

Something exciting is happening!!! At this years Akarua Arrowtown Autumn Festival we challenge you to hunt around Arrowtown and find all nine beehives we have hidden throughout the town. Don't worry! These beehives are yet to see action so they won't be full of our little hard working friends! 

These beehives are however very, very special and each are very much one of a kind!! Each beehive, has been painted and styled by local artists and are a true three dimensional viewing experience. 

dudleys cottage beehive

Our artists include Jenny Mehrtens, Marijke Frowijn, Kay Turner and Ro Bradshaw, Jamie Fleming, Raphael Karnuth, Olivia Wensley, Andie King and a special project put together by Arrowtown Montessori, Arrowtown Primary School and Wakatipu High School students!

Stay tuned to this blog for more details on the artists and the hives including how you can purchase. 

Why you ask?

These very special forms of art are bee-ing donated to be sold or used as actual hives all to raise money for a great cause!

You can donate here at;

We all know the importance and impact the honeybee has on our planet, and every small step we can take to help them is a step in the right direction. Honey bee's unfortunately have many threats! Wasps and Varroa Mite are two nasty threats in which we can control. 

The money will be used here in the local region to offer support, treatment solutions and advice to local hobby beekeepers, as well as set out Vespex traps during next Summer. 

We also look to start new hives as part of an initiative with the Arrowtown Primary School, in which can act as a sustainable fundraiser for the students for years to come. 

Remember, there will only be ONE of each of these hives ever made so they are extremely valuable, if you are already interested in purchasing please contact us for more details.