In Pictures: Autumn In Arrowtown, Life During Lockdown

Arrowtown in Autumn


From 11.59pm on March 29th 2020 when New Zealand went into Lockdown alert level 4. On Day one the streets of Arrowtown were quiet as the sun rose, the usual tourist hustle and bustle was nowhere to be seen. It was only majority of the locals were the ones witnessing a ghost town like never before. Or probably to some residents, a feeling of how it was 'back in the day'

Arrowtown in Autumn

Lakes District Museum on Buckingham street

Drawing out of the Summer into the well known and favorite season change we call "Autumn in Arrowtown" its an unforgettable sighting and feeling every year as a resident. You can never take enough pictures. It was personally magical capturing the town without cars, traffic and many people, the whole town was practically all yours. 

It's pretty lined streets in a kaleidoscope of reds, browns, yellows, coppers and of course, golds.

.Arrowtown in AutumnArrowtown in AutumnArrowtown in AutumnArrowtown in Autumn

Check this Video out  Autumn Tour in Arrowtown on a Honda Z50 Monkey Bike.  Courtesy of Arrowtown Garage filmed during lockdown 2020

Watch the Video here

Arrowtown in Autumn

Picture of Buckingham Street, Arrowtown, April 2020

Arrowtown in Autumn

The annual Autumn Festival was cancelled, so locals got creative for a happy hour cheer instead

Arrowtown in Autumn


"Stay safe" messages written and displayed on business shop windows and chalk boards


Arrowtown in Autumn       Arrowtown in Autumn

Stone and rocks were made and placed in the community and at the Four square supermarket by locals to encourage and inspire others to stay home and safe

    Arrowtown in Autumn                  Arrowtown in Autumn

Arrowtown in Autumn

Neighbourhoods placed teddy bears in windows, trees and cars  hunt adventure for the kids to enjoy during the lockdown

Arrowtown in Autumn      Arrowtown in Autumn

On Easter morning, the local sweet shop dropped treats and fudge to kids as a surprise in their mailboxes...

Arrowtown in Autumn

And, then local residents still showed their memorial respects on their lawns on Anzac weekend

Arrowtown in Autumn

Police in Arrowtown have given the fight against Covid-19

A tongue-in-cheek video posted on the Southern District Police Facebook page shows an officer engaged in a stand-off with a cartoon version of the virus.

See the Video here

Arrowtown in Autumn

 Array of beautiful Arrowtown Autumn Colors 

Arrowtown in Autumn

The Chinese Settlement Police Shack always puts on a grand show


How the Lockdown has effected local businesses
We hope everyone is safe and well during this time of staying at home. New Zealand has been masterclass at it's response and action to Covid-19.
With that said, small businesses locally are effected, like ourselves, we are the backbone of our community and we need your support more than ever right now. We are modifying our own way of Bee’ing to make it safer to serve you by courier delivery option so that you can continue enjoying our products.