Christmas cooking with honey

With Christmas time quickly approaching now is the perfect time to get into the spirit of things with some festive baking. We've compiled a list of our favourite recipes ALL including honey, to make your Christmas extra sweet! 
1. The first on our list of treats is a spin on the classic gingerbread. Martha Stewart's Honey-Spice Gingerbread recipe is a sure win whether its in house or cookie form. 
2. Have a Christmas dinner or work shared lunch? Don't show up empty handed with these German cookies full of almonds, oranges and honey

3. Let your children's imagination run wild in the kitchen when they decorate these  Vanilla Honey Sugar cookies . Add Christmas themed icing and sprinkles to complete these tasty treats.

4. Impress friend's and family with a rich, buttery Honey and Macadamia Fudge

5. These guilt free Christmas cookies are a super healthy way for you to get into the Christmas spirit.  

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