Guest Blog: Marijke Frowijn's Buzzy Bags

Last week in the news I watched a disturbing fact that scientists have found plastic micro particles in the snow and ice in Antarctica.

The most pristine part of our world is slowly getting polluted by the amount of plastic waste we are producing as humans.
Sometimes I feel totally overwhelmed by all the pollution we producing and ask myself can I do something, change anything?
I like to stay positive and believe if we all take small steps towards producing less plastic waste and as consumers demand less plastic packaging from the food producers, we can make changes towards a cleaner environment. 
I started making the Buzzy Beeswax Lunch Bags as an alternative for the plastic zip bags used to pack sandwiches and snacks.

buzzy bags beeswax wraps

My friends are using the Beeswax Lunch bags for their children’s school lunches and to take to work, but the bags are also great to keep vegetables, cheese and bread fresh in the fridge.
The Buzzy Beeswax Lunch bags are made with New Zealand pure beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil to keep the bags supply and the jojoba oil is antibacterial, so is the beeswax.
The bags can be refreshed by ironing between two sheets of waxed baking paper.
The Beeswax bags are made from pure cotton fabric with quirky and colourful prints.

buzzy bag beeswax wrap

The Buzzy Beeswax Lunch bags are for sale at Honey & Cocoa in Arrowtown.