Manuka honey- the virus killer.

”A Honey of Defense against Viruses“

It’s always scary when there is a global viral or bacterial outbreak, such as Corona-virus. The question is always asked – how can I take preventative care?

In times of outbreaks, you follow guidelines such as washing your hands and staying clear of those who are sick, but is there more you can do to place an increased importance of immunity strength? The bees might have a few answers to that.

Firstly, what is Corona-virus?

It's new, it's scary, it's causing world wide panic- but what is it?
Coronaviruses in general (CoV) are a large family of viruses found in a variety of mammals and birds. In humans, these viruses can cause a number of conditions, ranging from mild respiratory infections to more serious illnesses like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) or Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). Corona-virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a new strain of corona-virus that was recently identified in humans.

Corona-viruses are zoonotic, which means that they can be transmitted from animals to humans. SARS, for example, is believed to have originated from civet cats while MERS was first transmitted to humans from dromedary camels. Like other respiratory infections, corona-viruses can also be spread from person-to-person through contact with bodily fluids such as saliva, blood or urine. As of now, scientists have still not traced where exactly COVID-19 originated.

Currently, it’s also unclear exactly how contagious COVID-19 is. However, until a vaccine or treatment is released for the virus, taking a few basic protective measures against corona-virus can help keep you and those around you safe.

The changing seasons often lead to colds, coughs, allergies, and even the dreaded flu.

Our New Zealand Manuka may help soothe those nasty symptoms.

Nurtured, flowered, extracted, certified and pure... NZ Manuka honey contains powerful antioxidants and has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. So, step away from that cute looking bear-shaped honey jar with it’s clear, runny honey because it’s been pasteurized and filtered and heated, causing it to lose most of its nutritional benefits.

Honey is usually translucent and should not be heated as that will cause it to lose its medicinal properties. kept in a room temp setting to be used as part of daily or When required healthy routine.

Recommendation: A teaspoon should be consumed daily. Manuka honey (UMF 15+) is a great immunity booster. NB: Don’t give honey to babies under 1-year-old, as it contains bacteria that can produce toxins in a baby’s intestines that can lead to infant botulism, which can be fatal.

Those with high UMF ratings are more potent, so we recommend UMF® 15+ to 20+ as the MGO content is high. For example:

New Zealand Honey Co. UMF 24+ Raw Manuka Honey

corona virus fighting manuka honey

Mount Somers UMF 15+ Manuka Honey

mount somers UMF 15+ manuka honey

Puriti UMF 22+ Manuka Honey

puriti high grade manuka honey


Propolis extract is natures antiseptic. One of its main purposes is to protect the bee’s hive from disease, meaning it must be sterile and antibacterial. Luckily, it’s both. So, along with Mānuka honey, propolis is an effective immune booster as it fights bacteria and infections.

Propolis is both an antioxidant and an antiviral. These properties help to strengthen the body’s immune system and fight viruses.

New Zealand Propolis for immunity

Help the fight against Coronavirus with these Superfoods to Boost the Immune System


A powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Turmeric can be used either in fresh form and can be grated or chopped into soups and stews, or you could buy a really high quality organic ground turmeric to add to dishes. Turmeric should ideally be combined with a dash of black pepper to increase the bioavailability of Curcumin, the active compound in this spice. Turmeric has a very mild taste and most kids won’t object if it is added to rice or lentils, curries or sautéed vegetables. You can also combine a generous pinch of turmeric with a dash of pepper, into ½ tsp raw Manuka honey as a daily tonic.

Elderberry Tonic

Compounds from elderberries can directly inhibit the virus entry and replication in human cells, and can help strengthen a person's immune response to the virus. ... "What our study has shown is that the common elderberry has a potent direct antiviral effect against the flu virus," Here at honey and cocoa we recommend Wild dispensary for top quality and family owned and oerated


Another excellent anti-inflammatory, ginger can be added into most foods and is especially beneficial when consumed raw. Juice with your favourite fruits and vegetables. Boil with water and add honey, lemon, turmeric for a soothing tea. Ginger is a warming and healing food. It is also great for settling tummies (a strong gut is essential for immunity) and also helps combat nausea. Ginger also contains zinc which is great to boost the immune system.


Vitamin C is what we all need loads of right now and pomegranate has plenty of it! Pomegranate + orange juice is a great combination and full of the bad-bug-fighting good stuff! Most kids love eating pomegranate seeds and it’s also great for the little ones practicing their pincer grips. If your child isn’t crazy about the fruit, then juicing it is a great option.


Look for high quality Greek yogurt, mix in raw honey and some berries for a boost of vitamin C and you have yourself a great breakfast, snack or smoothie. I personally love Mundella yogurt, which specifically has a high probiotic content. Probiotics are important to help boost the immune system, as a healthy gut = strong immunity.


Because there’s no such thing as too much vitamin C right now, make your kids’ lemonade sweetened with raw honey, or make them lemon popsicles sweetened with honey and mint


Onions contain antioxidant, antibacterial and immune-boosting nutrients like zinc and vitamin C. They are most effective when consumed in raw form. place a half cut red onion next to your bed at night to draw bacteria away from body and air


The vampire slayers knew the powers of garlic in keeping away the bad guys and so should you! Garlic is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial superfood and is best consumed raw for maximum benefit! Don’t see your kids chomping down raw garlic? Try crushing some raw garlic into butter and spreading it on toasted buns for homemade garlic bread!


High in vitamin C and A, thyme is easily available in both fresh and dried forms in Singapore and makes a wonderful and flavourful addition to most dishes. It is an excellent immunity booster and boiled with tea, thyme tea helps suppress coughs as well. Sprinkle thyme leaves over potatoes drizzled with olive oil, generously sprinkle over lamb chops or roast chicken (I like to pound it into butter and then smear)

A positive attitude and mind

Focusing intentionally on healing to reaching better health is key. vs focusing on pain and symptoms.