Natural scented Beeswax Coconut Candles, Guest blog by Marijke Frowijn.

beeswax candles

About a year ago, I took interest into the production of candles and how they have grown in popularity.

There are many different gift candles on the market, mostly made from soy or paraffin.

I wanted to stay away from paraffin, because of the release of toxins when burning, not surprising when I was researching that paraffin is the sludge left at the bottom of the barrel after the oil is used to make petrol!

Soy is a better alternative, but when doing some research on soy unfortunately it has a dark side too.

Long story short; soya beans are grown with the use of pesticides and in the process to make soy wax for candles from the soya bean a lot of chemicals are used.

A good article is “ What chemicals are in your soy candle” from Aloha Bay company found here

So I decided to make scented Beeswax Coconut oil candles.

The candles are made with 50 percent pure New Zealand beeswax and 50 percent organic coconut oil.

Beeswax is a in fact a byproduct of honey, although not many beekeepers keep the wax due to the time in filtering out the bits and pieces from it. When the honey is spun off the frame, what is left over is the wax structures you commonly see- this is then pulled off, melted down, and filtered and molded into blocks. I source my wax from beekeepers across the country- experimenting as just like honey the wax can differ in colour and structure. 

The different scents are blends of essential oils.

Interestingly beeswax doesn’t hold scent very well, but the coconut oil does. Another benefit of blending the two is that the burning time of a candle is longer, the medium size candles burn more than 25 hours.

Beeswax candles purify the air in the room and are also good for people suffering from asthma, who often can’t burn scented candles.

 The design on the labels is my own artwork to celebrate the bees!

Each candle is sold with a small gift card with instructions on the back.

 The different scents are: Cinnamon Blend, Cinnamon Vanilla Blend, Orange Lime Blend, Citronella Blend, Rose Blend and Lavender Blend.

 Candles are sold at Honey& Cocoa in Arrowtown and from me personally.

 Marijke Frowijn (Lups), Upper Moutere, New Zealand