New Zealand Sugar Free Chocolate

There isn't any better feeling than unwrapping a new, mouth watering chocolate bar...
The wrapper moving aside to reveal the golden foil perfectly pressed...
Then the aroma of fresh chocolate as you break the first first piece off with a snap...
It doesn't matter how old you are- in that moment you're a happy child in a chocolate factory!

But... the sugar... 

Don't fret! There are sugar free chocolate options available at Honey & Cocoa such as the OCHO 77% Cacao; sweetened with a stevia-based product that has zero calories. It has dark berry and red currant notes, with a rich chocolate flavour and an underlying cool creaminess- definitely worth a try if you're looking at keeping that calorie count down!

ocho sugar free chocolate

She Universe brings an exciting new twist to sugar free chocolate.

Naturally flavoured bars with Mandarin and Orange, or Pineapple and Passionfruit and sweetened with both Stevia and Erythritol.

Not only are these keto friendly chocolate bars, but they are vegan friendly chocolate bars too! 

Visit us in store or online for your local and delicious New Zealand sugar free chocolate!

Is Stevia and Erythritol better or worse than sugar?

There is some concern that having sugar substitutes is worse than just having sugar. New evidence from independent studies are increasingly finding sugar to be the main reason for obesity and also may contribute to acne, diabetes, tooth decay, mood swings, cancer, heart disease and depression.

Stevia and Eryhtritol have zero calories and carbohydrates, do not spike sugar levels or create an insulin response and in moderation is safe to consume without any side effects.  

Sugar vs Sugar free; the key is moderation. We of course sell chocolate containing sugar, though we always aim for chocolate with a higher cacao content and lower sugar content allowing the consumer to benefit from the amazing properties of the cacao without worrying about the sugar content consumed. 

she universe sugar free chocolate

Our top selling sugar free chocolate bar, She Universe 'See Me'